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Giveaway Guidelines

Equip My Horse occasionally organizes competitions. The following rules apply


Conditions of participation at @equipmyhorse:


§1 Any person of legal age may take part in the competition. Participation with more than one account via any platform is not permitted and will result in disqualification. The exact entry requirements can be found in the relevant competition post.


§2 Only participants who fully meet the requirements will be entered into the prize draw.


§3 By participating in the competition, participants agree that the winner will be named publicly in the comments. The comments on Instagram will remain after the end of the competition and will continue to be publicly visible.


§4 Anyone who posts answers to competition questions on Equip My Horse or elsewhere on the internet will be excluded from all prize draws.


§5 After the competition, the full address must be provided by the winner via direct message to @equipmyhorse within 48 hours of the announcement of the winner in order to receive the prize.


§6 Equip My Horse does not guarantee that a prize will be received by the winner within a certain period of time.


§7 Prizes are generally - and in accordance with their status as prizes - delivered without an invoice. It is not possible to issue an invoice on request. In the event that there are problems with the prize, there is no entitlement to a guarantee or warranty. The sponsor may make a goodwill gesture towards the winner, but is not obliged to do so.


§8 Participation in the competition is only possible within the participation period mentioned in the entry.


§9 Employees of Equip My Horse are excluded from the competition. Legal entities will also not be included in the prize draw.


§10 Payment of the prizes is not possible. The claim to the prize cannot be assigned.


§11 Equip My Horse may terminate or cancel the competition prematurely at any time without giving reasons. In particular if technical or legal reasons make this necessary. If the termination or interruption is necessary due to the actions of a participant, Equip My Horse reserves the right to claim damages from this participant.


§12 The participant is excluded from winning if he/she publishes comments that violate the Instagram guidelines, German law or copyright. These will be deleted without notice.

§13 Upon delivery of the prize, Equip My Horse is released from all obligations. Equip My Horse is not liable for material defects and/or defects of title resulting from the prizes provided by the participating companies. Equip My Horse is also not liable for any consequences resulting from the insolvency of a participating company. Equip My Horse is only liable for damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence. Damage caused by injury to life, body or health or for liability under the Product Liability Act are excluded from this.


§13 Legal recourse is excluded.

§14 The random principle is decisive for determining the winner.


§15 All participants' Instagram names will be recorded and stored for the purpose of determining the winner. The data will only be used within the company Equip My Horse UG.


§16 The sole contact and responsible party is Equip My Horse UG. Instagram has no involvement in the competition and only acts as a platform for publishing the competition.

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