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Love your Products!

By taking proper care of their products, our customers ensure that the products last as long as possible. The individual care instructions can be found on the respective product page in our online store and on the item itself on the care label. We have a few tips on how to make our products live even longer product and extend their value:

  1. Our equestrian products should always be washed and cared for according to instructions.Our products should not be washed with fabric softener or bleaching detergents (this includes solid or full detergents). Instead, a color or, even better, mild detergent is recommended, as well as a hygiene detergent for extra thorough disinfection of the usually sweaty riding clothes.

  2. The less often textile products are washed, the longer they last. It is therefore advisable not to wash the garments after every riding session and instead to air them out regularly to extend the washing intervals.

  3. The use of a dryer should be strongly avoided for materials with a high nylon or stretch content. In general, the use of a dryer makes textiles age faster, as there is a lot of mechanical friction combined with heat.

  4. Ironing also leads to faster aging of materials for this reason and is usually not necessary for stretchy materials.

  5. Attention pointed fingernails - we love to have healthy and long nails. However, the longer the nails, the more careful we need to be with our garments. Especially with gloves, it is therefore recommended to order one size larger with long nails. With stretchy clothing it is especially important to put on riding leggings or tops with the fingertips and not with the nails. Because if punctual with sharp objects, stitches are exercised, the quality can still be so good. No comparable material can withstand such stress.

  6. In this course, it is recommended for our customer to take rather the larger size, if she is between two sizes. Because the less the material is stressed by severe overstretching, the longer it will last.

  7. Riding leggings are made for optimal hold in the saddle and offer reliable grip. The more they are strained by influences outside the saddle, the faster they wear out. It is therefore recommended to sit as little as possible on rough surfaces (eg. rough wooden bench).

  8. It is natural for our customers to be aware of the urgency of the need for the products before purchasing them and therefore, in the optimal case, not to return them.

  9. Our high quality zip bags, in which our products are delivered, are not the typical poly bags that are torn open and thrown away. They are ideal for everyday packaging of e.g. dirty laundry on trips, small notes or other smaller things. In this way, our customers give the outer packaging a second life and ensure greater sustainability themselves.


    With all the sustainability efforts we should not forget with fun and joy to go to the stable and enjoy the time with our darling! <3

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