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Promotional vouchers/conditions

Equip My Horse occasionally offers promotions. The following rules apply:




Promotional vouchers can usually be used to take advantage of discounts and offers using codes. They are always subject to a limited duration and are made available as part of promotional campaigns.




The following criteria generally apply to our promotional vouchers (unless otherwise stated in the respective terms and conditions of the promotion):




1.  Promotional vouchers are only redeemable in the Equip My Horse online store for the specified duration and only once per customer



2.   Gift vouchers are excluded from the use of a promotional voucher



3.  However, a combination with a gift voucher is possible



4.  Our promotional vouchers can only be redeemed with a minimum order value, which is usually specified in the terms and conditions of the promotion



5.  As a general rule, promotional vouchers or discounts cannot be combined with each other


6.   If the minimum order value is not reached in the event of a return, we will add the difference between the promotional voucher and the remaining amount to the invoice or charge the value of the goods resulting from the promotional voucher as a bonus

7. There is no right to replacement of the promotional voucher, nor will it be refunded in the event of a complete or partial return of the goods



8.  Once an order process has been completed, the promotional voucher can no longer be redeemed at a later date



9.  Refunds or cash payments are excluded



10.  Promotional vouchers are not transferable to third parties, nor can they be purchased



11.  Equip My Horse is not liable for loss, damage, theft or misuse of a promotional voucher



12.  You can find out which items are excluded from the respective promotional voucher in the promotional description

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